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5 in 3

What does the title mean? 5 in 3?

5 hits in 3 at bats would be impossibly amazing.
5 puppies in 3 days would be yappiness personified.
5 hours of sleep in 3 days would be exhaustive.

Well how about 5 doctors in 3 years. That’s putting it on the low side. I’ve seen that many, times 3, but I am just counting my primary doctors.

1. Dr could give a crap and move to Chicago.
2. Dr ran all the elimination tests, whispered the word Fibro and moved to Georgia.
3. Fibro specialist that actually slapped the label on me, officially and then I lost my insurance and she closed her practice.
4. Dr led me down a new dietary path which helped me lose 50 pounds in a year…then she moved to Georgia.

And that now leads to number 5. I have really been struggling with today’s appt. Part of me wants to believe that with a new doctor, there will be a new perspective and maybe some new ideas. This excites me.

However, the stronger part of me dreads having to tell my story once again and then wait for the medical judgement of someone who is still a stranger to me. I know I should go in with more hope and faith, but I instead am going in like a moth to a flame….cautious. I have been burned by doctors too many times during this process not to be weary.

The other issue is feeling like I have to make them believe. That sounds silly to put into words; but as many of us know, the doctors are not always believers. Heck, there are days I can’t believe it myself, and I live with it every minute.

Sleep has not come easy and the pain has elevated leading up to later this morning. Please send positive thoughts later this morning.

Off soon to meet 5 in 3.


7 thoughts on “5 in 3

  1. Wow. I completely understand what you are going through. I have seen 3 doctors in about 3 years.. 2 of which I shouldn’t have been. The first didn’t believe me, and the second just kind of gave up at the end, which is why I moved on to the third doc. I get excited too when I go to meet a new doc. I hope you much success at your appointment and I hope you find someone that stays around 🙂

  2. I have some of these same fears when I have to try to explain myself to a new doctor! It gets me crazy with anxiety. One thing that helps me is to remember that even though they have a medical degree, they also don’t have to live in my broken down body so if they don’t believe me I will simply move on before I get too invested in them. And then there are those blessed times when I am pleasantly surprised – I will send positive thoughts your way today for the later result! Good luck!

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