Temptation of the Sun

Well the heat heard my plea and slowed its role. It hung in the 70s, maybe low 80s, and the bit of stickiness that had been around was gone. A friend of mine let me know that he was heading out to my Utopia, Horning’s Hideout, to throw plastic.

Well after watching people play disc golf all weekend, feeling pretty good and having 4 days off ahead of me…I decided today was a good day to test the body. So off I went.

It was beautiful out there. Perfect temperature and green green green. My plan was to take pictures of each hole, but got distracted. The shots I did get are below.

My round was good. I shot probably my personal best in the front nine, finishing at 1 over par. I had 1 birdie, 2 bogeys and 2 40+ foot putts to save 2 of my 6 pars. The back nine was not at all kind to me. I parred only 2 of the 9 holes. I ended the day 11 over. Not my best golf, but I took away some really good shots.

My body handled the round…well up until my 2nd shot on the last hole. I had done such a good job of throwing softly and letting the disc do the work. On the 2nd shot I didn’t think and wound up trying to make 2 shots in one. As soon as I threw it I felt the pull in my arm. I finished my last 4 shots, but am now experiencing dead arm. And the other aches are making mobility a challenge.

However, today I communed with nature, I improved my score card by putting a bird on it and had a great walk with friends. Pain aside, today was a great day.









Go away heat

The heat has come
And now or can go
Not far please
Lessen your intensity
Allow reprieve in the eve
The apartment swelters
The sleep even harder
Tossing becomes turning
Covers thrown
Breeze welcomed
So go away heat
And balance yourself

Weekend Update

What an amazing weekend.

Amazingly memorable
Amazingly enjoyable
Amazingly exhausting
Amazing rewarding
Amazingly achy

Yes, a multidimensional amazing weekend. In all I watched a few hundred golf shots…mostly on one hole, but a smattering of other holes as well. The tournament, in all, went over with excellence and class. It maintains its place as one of the best tournaments other National Tour event.

We also had a record amount of women that participated in his years event. There were a total of 28 women in the Open field…and a total of 54 women in the entire event. The 28 women was a record number of women in a National Tour event this year. That’s just how we roll in Oregon. We also had players as young as 12 and as old as 60/70s. Quite a diverse field.

During the course of the weekend I had a conversation with the President of the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association). We were discussing the upcoming US Women’s Disc Golf Championship, and the fact I wanted to give my support by volunteering. In the course of the conversation I found out that they did not even have a volunteer coordinator…and this event is less than 3 months away. Well, this is just not acceptable. A proper tournament of that size cannot be held without a small army of volunteers on the course. So after a discussion with my recent doubles partner, she and I decided to step up and co-coordinate the volunteers for this event.

It is going to be a major undertaking, in this small amount of time, but it’s a challenge we want to take on. This event is obviously an big deal, being that it will crown this years US Women’s Champ. Portland won, in a bidding process, and we need to make sure that we keep our image as stellar as it is. The sport deserves it, the community deserves it, and most importantly the women deserve it.

Time to Rest

All words I could use
The pain is flaring
And uncaring
But my pride ignores
Pride in the fighter I can be
The fighter that I am
The weekend ends
The rest begins
3 days for each 1 spent
The pain is here
No need to bitch
But I fought through the weekend
And now I will rest

Day 1 in the books

Well the first two Pro rounds are in the books at this years Beaver State Fling disc golf tournament. The course look beautiful and challenging. Here was my office for the day.


Don’t let the haze full you, it burned off quickly and was a scorcher if a day (for Oregon). Luckily I had a canopy for shade and a jug of water which I was able to have filled any time.

It was a good day…but a long one. One definite change for tomorrow will be a more comfortable chair. The wooden picnic table was not at all comfortable.

So off to bed I will soon go and try to rest up for day two and three more rounds played. This time I will be introducing the players as they begin their round at designated times.

Signing off for the weekend

Well I find myself on the eve of the Oregon’s disc golf tournament of the year. As I will be putting in a ton of volunteering hours in the secluded country side of Oregon, my connection will be spotty, and energy wasted when I get home.

So although my intent is to post each day, just know there is a chance for one large post early next week.

So everyone have a wonderful and pain free weekend, and I will send all of you wonderful thoughts.

See you again soon,