Got to be

Another streak
4 days old
Injured by anger
Saddled by stress
Deepening despair
And empty energy
Leaves me paralyzed
My mind numbing
My body screaming
Tired of it
Tired of it
Days are fine
Days are good
Days then suck the most
Never know
Never plan
Any day
There’s got to be
Got to be a way


#7 makes me angry!

15 to avoid


Recently I have started taking my Blog on the road. Ok, well not literally, but I have extended my blog to Facebook. My page, From The Fog, has become an extension of my blog. I like to share some of the inspirational quotes and images I come across, but may not think it necessary to do a full blog. Through the short time I have had my page, I have come across some other incredible pages. Specifically, the image above came from Positivity in Pain. Please check them out if you have not already. I have already found endless inspiration from this page.


Speaking of inspiration from this page. Here was a recent post, and it fell right in line with how I am feeling right now. All of these are true, and should be avoided…not only by those struggling to be healthy, but the world should take notice. For me, I have always been a relatively laid back person, trying to live a low stress life. Even before the Fibro, I knew that anger was not a trait I wished to carry around. (Especially after my second marriage)


However, from time to time I just can’t control my emotions the way I would like and the simplest of things can set me off. It really doesn’t happen often, but when it does I am not a fun person to be around, but unfortunately I always find myself stuck in the same room as my pissed off self. I try to hide under the covers…duck next to the shoes in the closet…but I always find myself. The problem with anger is the Adrenaline rush that my body produces. Fibro and adrenaline are not friends, not acquaintances…in fact they’re a mortal enemies. There is nothing that flares me up faster than a shot of adrenaline, especially when I am not really in a dangerous situation. My body begins to tighten and shake. The buzzing in my ears increases. Every little sound becomes magnified and painful.


So I stay away from stressful situations, as most of us do, but cannot hide from it. I have put a lot of tools in bag to cope with different issues and situations surrounding my Fibro. This is yet another tool I need to track down and stash in my inventory…Healthier release of that adrenaline rush. If any of you have any tools of your own, I would love to hear them.


As for now, I am going to continue to try and not be angry.

Not angry at myself

Not angry at the Fibro

Not angry about things in the past

Not angry about the horribly loud, inconsiderate, stomping, rude neighbors upstairs. (Well a little angry, but I am working on it.)

Not angry at the anger