I Wept Today

I wept today
Sitting lonely
On my porch
What happened
To this life
To this body
Feeling the isolation
The separation
From my dreams
From my vision
I weep now
As I type
Blurred letters
On a white screen
The aches pound
The pain strangles
Everything is not
Not what I wanted
I wept today


One Thing is Certain

It seems so hard
To find the point of each day
Never knowing what will be
Hoping the pain will not stay

Worries about the pressure
Building in the air
This takes it toll
From foot to hair

Will I be able
To get outside
Enjoy the sun
Take my car for a ride

Everyday comes
Right after the last
Then another follows
Leaving the day in the past

But what is the point
To each and every day
I never really know
It’s really hard to say

One thing is certain
I don’t have to know
I will just keep fighting
And continue to grow

Mission for the Day

I swear I saw it
It lifted off the ground
What would my house be like
If my couch wasn’t around

There’s no way
I can let it go
I am the boss
So it’s time to show

The good days have left
And the mission is clear
The weekend will be spent
Pinning my couch, with my rear

If only…

I’d like to say
I ran a marathon
I wish I could say
The round of golf was great
If only I could say
That I rode for miles
All of these
Would explain
The aches
The pains
The stabbing
The piercing
I can say
I did done laundry
I can tell you
The trash was emptied
Not fun
Not exciting
Just life
Dictating the day
Surprising the agenda
Leading the way
It hurts to live
But I don’t live to hurt